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Windows 8 Num Lock off at boot time?

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After searching the web and experimenting a bit I have found a solution that works if your Windows 8 Num Lock is off at boot time and you want it
to be on.

1 – Hit the Windows key + R to open Run.
Type in regedit.exe, click Ok.

2 – Go to HKEY_USERS on the left hand side then DEFAULT then Control Pannel then Keyboard.
Right click “InitialKeyboardIndicators” and click Modify and change the value to 2147483650.

3 – Then on your screen, mouse over to the bottom right hand corner to open your Windows 8 side bar, and click Settings.

4 – Click Control Panel.

5 – Click Power Options. On the left hand side, click Choose what the power buttons do.
Click Change settings that are currently unavailable. Uncheck the box that says Turn on fast startup (recommended), click Save Changes.
Shut down the computer, turn it back on.

Num Lock at boot time will work now 🙂

11 Responses

  1. Joe
    | Reply

    Thank you. It worked great.

  2. BobG1946
    | Reply

    My apologies; I did not carefully follow the instructions. This solution does indeed work with Windows 8.1. Thank you for your assistance.

  3. BobG1946
    | Reply

    Just tried this solution with Windows 8.1 and it doesn’t work as the “InitialKeyboardIndicators” value does not exist. Any ideas as to how I can remedy this?

  4. Matt
    | Reply

    Worked like a charm. Thanks.

  5. jake8jazz
    | Reply

    Awesome! Thank you!

  6. Tim
    | Reply

    Sadly, this didn’t work for me on Surface Pro 3, Win 8.1 with latest updates, in a docking station, with MS Ergo Keyboard 4000 plugged in.

  7. Grant
    | Reply

    Worked a treat. Cheers. 🙂

  8. Francie
    | Reply

    Thank you so much! I’ve been searching for a process that actually worked, this worked great! The microsoft community board was still giving info that must’ve been for windows 7. So glad I found this before I changed the registry to “2” like they advised!

  9. morgan
    | Reply

    thank you so very much….. yours is the only one that worked.

  10. Clay
    | Reply

    This worked great, I shared it with some other users as well ,has fixed their system also. Thanks!

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